Active, Male External Catheter, 28mm / Red, 1 ea

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Active, Male External Catheter, 28mm / Red, 1 ea

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Product # 161047
Manufacturer # 8300

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  • Latex
  • Men's
  • Men's
  • Description
  • Self-adhering extended wear one-piece catheter
  • Combines a comfortable latex sheath with a wide, water-tight seal
  • Medium

  • Key Product Features
    Manufacturer #C8300
    BrandActive Cath®
    ApplicationMale External Catheter
    Diameter28 mm
    Securing MethodSelf-Adhesive Strip
    UsageSingle Patient Use

    Additional Details
    Package is color coded red for medium
    For active men who want extended wear and a comfortable wide, watertight seal

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    Customer Reviews

    Excellent solution
    rating Reviewed by: phillip b
    This is the best solution I've found for staying in my seat at musical and sports events. You can wear it anywhere with confidence -- it doesn't show, and works exactly when you need it to. Easy application, and it's comfortable for all day wear.
    Wow what a relief
    rating Reviewed by: joey
    I'm a delivery person who stays on the go all day in places I can't find a restroom. This device has saved my job. It's great for the weekends, too, when we're at a movie or a ball game, or just on an outing. No more anxious moments worrying if a "surge attack" will hit me without a restroom nearby. I'm 57 years old, and my plumbing isn't what it used to be, but thank goodness I have the Active Cath available.
    Active Cath Medium External Catheter
    rating Reviewed by: pushrim1
    Great product! I wear one every day because I'm a paraplegic and don't have bladder control, but thousands of able-bodied men (young and old) use one because it lets them play a full round of golf without anxiety, or sit through long business meetings without the agony of "gotta go but can't leave the room" -- it's undetectable, secure and so comfortable they forget they have it on. A neat solution for UPS/FedEx delivery persons, cab and limo drivers, telemarketers. All will find this simple device very useful and reliable. This long-used, completely safe urine-collection system allows you to enjoy long operas, movies and plays without discomfort. Relax and "go" when you need to, then empty the leg bag when it's convenient. You can stay in the stands during hockey and basketball games, and eliminate standing in line to get into the restroom. It has a gentle but reliable adhesive that makes a leakproof seal and connects your penis to a collection bag you wear on your lower leg. Gravity makes it all work, and nobody around you is the wiser. Try it. Every guy should have one on hand.

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