Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Filler Rope,  3/8x3/8x15 3/4, 1 ea

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Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Filler Rope, 3/8x3/8x15 3/4, 1 ea

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Product # 168457
Manufacturer # 2984

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  • Collagen & Silicone
  • Description
  • Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing
  • with Alginate.
  • Combines strength and structural support of collagen and gel-forming properties of alginate into a soft, highly absorbent, and conformable topical wound dressing.
  • Maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment at the wound surface that is conducive to granulation tissue formation, epithelialization, and enables healing to proceed at a rapid rate.
  • Although Fibracol Plus is made up of only 10% alginate, its absorbency is equivalent to that of a 100% alginate dressing.
  • 3/8" x 3/8" x 15-3/4"
  • Sold by each

  • Key Product Features
    Manufacturer #2984
    BrandFibracolâ„¢ Plus
    ManufacturerSystagenix Wound Management
    ApplicationCollagen Dressing
    MaterialCollagen / Alginate
    Size1 X 1 X 40 cm
    TypeCollagen Dressing

    Additional Details
    Fibracolâ„¢ Plus dressing combines the structural support of collagen with the exudate management of alginate

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