PosiFlush, Pre-Filled Syringe,  10ml / 10ml Saline Fill / Slip Tip / Syringe Only, 30 ea

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PosiFlush, Pre-Filled Syringe, 10ml / 10ml Saline Fill / Slip Tip / Syringe Only, 30 ea

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  • 10 mL
  • 10 mL
  • Latex Free
  • No Fill
  • Pre-Filled
  • Saline Fill
  • Sterile
  • Syringe Only
  • Syringe Only
  • Description
    BD PosiFlush™ normal saline filled syringe, latex free, preservative free. (NDC #08290-0930-10) (30/sp, 480/ca) BD PosiFlush™ Pre-Filled Syringes provided convenient, reliable, cost-effective alternatives to vial-based systems. Use BD PosiFlush™ and strengthen your IV catheter maintenance practices.

    Enhance Healthcare Worker Safety

  • Completely eliminate needles that may still be used to fill syringes with flush solutions.
  • Eliminate glass vials and cartridges.
  • Compatible with all needleless IV access systems. Improve Clinician Work Flow and Productivity
  • Reduce clinician steps and time required to prepare flush syringes.
  • Reduce acquisition, storage, distribution and disposal costs for the multiple components currently required to flush IV sites.
  • Eliminate waste associated with saline and heparin vials.
  • Reduce sharps collector waste up to 1/2 compared to conventional 12mL syringes.1 Reduce Medical Errors and Complications
  • Eliminate potential cross-contamination associated with multi-dose containers.
  • Minimal product manipulation provides fewer opportunities provides fewer opportunities for breaks in aseptic technique.
  • Preservative-free saline, suitable for use with all patient populations. BD's Pre-Filled Flush Syringes provide a fully integrated system designed to satisfy all your Flushing needs …
  • Sterile contents and fluid pathway.
  • BD PosiFlush syringes are terminally sterilized for highest SAL.
  • Saline syringes are latex free.
  • Syringes and shelf cartons are color-coded for easy identification of syringe contents
  • 10ml syringes lower injection pressures for increased patient safety.2
  • Compatible with all needleless IV access systems.

    Improve Clinical and Technical Proficiency

  • Comply with PICC manufacturer instructions by standardizing flush protocols with 10 mL syringes for lower flush pressure.
  • Improve flushing proficiency with BD's Blunt Plastic Cannula.3
  • Comply with INS Standard #56 that encourages the use of single-dose flushing systems,"4… as well as with the CDC which strongly encourages use of single dose flushing systems to reduce the risk of contamination".5

  • Key Product Features
    Available US
    Product Type Flush syringe, saline
    Brand BD PosiFlush™
    Product group BD PosiFlush™ normal saline filled syringe
    Type 10 mL fill in 10 mL diameter syringe
    Volume 10 mL
    Sterile? Yes
    DNR (Latex) free? Yes
    Feature Latex free, Preservative free
    NDC Code 08290-0930-10

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